Mrs Kirti Sethia Bengani

CoFOUNDER & Head Project Management

Over a decade of experience in project handling. Her professional approach helps coordination between our designers, clients, consultants and contractors in order to ensure that projects run smoothly from start to finish. While managing works in studio, she keeps oscillating between organizing events at the office and finding an excuse to globe-hop for culinary escapades..

Bharti K Sachdev

Senior Designer.

Bharti joined Coordinates Atelier in 2014. In her 14 years of practice she has managed and worked on a variety of projects across the country. Her master in business management allows her to lead and coordinate the operations along with design process easily. (She hesitates to be on social media)

Mr Suman Kumar Das

Principal Architect & CoFounder

Besides being an Architect, Suman’s interests in cultural histories and urban economics adds depth to the practice. He brings insight and experience in transit, urban ecologies, multi-disciplinary strategies and new technologies to our projects. As an artist, he always blurs the fine line between Art and Architecture.                                  

Mrs Anu Bansal Agarwal

Senior Architect

Anu Joined Coordinates Atelier in 2018. She is multi-talented and exuberant by nature. Her management skills are good.
She also conducts Right brain activation classes for kids as her hobby

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