Galerie D’Art


Published by Coordinates Atelier

COORDINATES ATELIER is engaged in the creation of contextually appropriate solutions. Founded by Ar. Suman Kr Das and Kirti Sethia it is a design-based practice focusing primarily on the fields of architecture, interior and sustainable design. Its uniqueness is in combining European forte of detailing and pragmatism with the richness of Asian tradition and culture. It has developed a design philosophy and can go beyond norms. Aesthetics, technological innovation and sustainability are the corner stones of its guiding philosophy. It is a small selective firm, which has established for itself a reputation of being design oriented. It works together right from an early stage of design with consultants from related fields and appreciates their insights that could lead to innovative solutions. Its uniqueness lies in the diverse backgrounds and cultures that its principals are rooted in. We, at CA, pay attention to every detail in creating your home and workspaces that make living and working a real pleasure. We combine our professional expertise with latest technology coupled with global design approach to ensure you get the best. CA is a multi-faceted organization promoted by a group of young and talented professionals.

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