Exhibition Design

1It’s called visual merchandising which combines aesthetic and marketing. The easiest route to succeed is visual shock. The more the footfalls, the greater the prospects. Beyond all these tech-jargon’s, its always very simple. If it looks good, its good. This is more related to Interior design than architecture, but then, design principles are same, always.

Commercial / Corporate Design

tara 2

When it comes to designing a commercial space, form strictly follows function. In order to render some uniqueness, sometimes, rational approach might prove to be cliche. Visualizing something original in sync with function is never easy. The key is to let the ideas spread their wings. Ultimately people spend more times in commercial places than at home, so, these spaces are of utmost importance in our lives.

Quirky Shape

Picture1.pngEarthy tone, close furniture placements and task lighting sometimes deliver what we visualize. Surprisingly some quirky moves and shapes in design elements break the space monotony and add some visual play and life to it.

We must accept that constraints are a part of reality. Using demerits as design elements and dreaming within our capacity is sometimes exiting. Design fusion should be done by choice, not by chance. Eventually it’s the ‘feel of space’ that stays with the end users.

Small space does not necessarily mean a lesser scope of design. Simplicity is the key here and always. Even artificial soft scape leads to a better visual appeal if used wisely.

You cannot control the dimensions of a space, it’s given. You can transform the feel factor.Its never separate design elements but everything as a whole that creates the feel of space.

Our design philosophy is ‘inclusive’. It emerges as an integral part of nature, not just as a built form, We believe that design should be contextual and it always revolves round the vernacular style, or at least it should be. A new design program follows the function, keeping aesthetic in place and striding to a solution that is true to its time but ‘yearns for eternity’.